A slice above the rest.

Every piece of Dracula Citrus fruit is grown under the Australian sun to produce the incredible flavour and outstanding quality that make them the perfect healthy, convenient snack for busy families.

Pure perfection from down under

Generations of hard work by Aussie Farmers has perfected the art of producing the very highest quality fruit.

From Australia’s Fruit Bowl – To Your table

We’re proud to offer the finest fruit to consumers in Australia, the USA and around the world.

What makes Dracula Citrus so special? It all starts with our amazing farmers. Their passion and drive to produce the world’s finest citrus is the crucial ingredient that makes every Dracula Citrus experience something to be savoured. Every one of our farmers maintains the strictest quality standards to ensure a consistent level of superior quality and taste.

Of course, none of this would be possible without superb growing conditions. Dracula Citrus products are sourced from the rich, fertile land in the Sunraysia, Riverina and Riverland regions – known as Australia’s Fruit Bowl. Fed by pure river waters and ripened to perfection under the blazing Aussie sun, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect environment in which to grow citrus fruit.

The best Aussie farmers + the perfect Aussie conditions. Is it any wonder that Dracula Citrus is fast becoming one of the most popular citrus brands at home and abroad?

We pick growers from locations that produce the best quality citrus in australia.

Map of locations on Australia. Sunraysia, Riverina and Riverland.

We get it. Life keeps getting more and more hectic.

For time-poor Mums and Dads, finding the time and energy to ensure that their kids eat a nutritious diet can be a steep challenge. This is especially true for parents of fussy eaters. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to reach for the quick, easy, unhealthy options that satisfy those picky palettes.

How do we do it?

We’re Delicious:

Sweet, juicy and packed with tangy goodness, nature’s candy never tasted so good.

We’re Healthy:

Loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and plenty of dietary fibre, our citrus is the perfect snack for young – and not so young – bodies.

We’re Fun:

Kids absolutely adore the fun, spooky characters and kooky attitude of the Dracula Citrus family. We’ve made healthy treats fun so even fussy kids will be asking for more Dracula!

We Have Variety:

From the smooth, sweet texture of our Baby Mandarins, to the puckery tang of our Tangelo Mineolas, there’s something to suit every tastebud.

We’re Convenient:

Our fruit is a cinch to peel, making all that fun and flavour easily accessible to even the littlest fingers.

The Perfect Nude Food:

Fun, insanely delicious and incredibly good for you? Relax, the kids’ next school Nude Food Day conundrum is solved!

Citrus trees need bees to pollinate so their fruit can grow. Australia is home to over 1700 native species of bees. That’s almost 1/10 of all the species in the world!

Who doesn’t like a download??

Get the brain buzzing and the colouring pencils sharpened. We’ve got a bunch of terrifyingly terrific Dracula themed activities for you to download and print out at home.

See some of our tasty citrus recipes

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Dracula’s plans for world domination are proceeding according to plan. Numerous retail outlets and their customers around the world adore the fun, convenience and Aussie sun-ripened flavor of Dracula Citrus.

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